Which Are Sure Ways To Become An Actor In Bollywood?
Though not a cakewalk but by working on yourself, self marketing, hard work and perseverance, you can definitely be a successful actor/actress in Bollywood, India.

What Should You Have?

11 Essential Requirements

1.Good looks may help you (es...

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Acting is an activity in which a story is told by means of its enactment by an actor or actress who adopts a character—in theater, television, film, radio, or any other medium.
Acting involves a broad range of skills, including a well-developed imagination, emotional facility, physical expressivi...

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26 Quick Free Acting Tips From Award Winning Acting Coach
1. Watch a play in theater. If you haven’t watched a play this month book a ticket now.
2. Get a script online or write a small scene and then work a scene with a friend THIS WEEK.
3. Do something you’ve never done before.
4. Get onlie an...

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What is a Guerrilla Actor and Center?

It's an acting training strategy designed in our center to develop a fine art of acting in aspiring actors and to promote their career in an unconventional way with little budget to spend. This involves an innovative high energy and imagination focusing on s...

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Be An Actor Easily Quickly And Free

This is an amazing acting learning blog which can make you a truly convincible  actor easily and quickly.
  1. All you have to do is read carefully each post under different labels (There are more than 280 posts)
  2. Practice suggested techniques and steps either in front of a full size mirror or with friends
  3. Then read and learn how to market and promote career

Start Acting!

1. For Learning Free

2. For  Learning On "One On One" Basis
Who is this guy?
Kiran Pande Ph.D, B.F.A (USA) Award Winning Acting Coach (USA)

Bragging Rights
How Do I Train You as an Acting Coach? My Job Description Award Winning Top Acting Coach India   For an actor, I can become the eyes and ears of a critical audience or casting director. The student may perform an audition piece for the coach, who in turn pays very close attention to all elements of the performance. If an actor's body language or energy level does not match the dialogue, for example, I may demonstrate a better way for the actor to move around the movie or TV set. A student actor may not enunciate certain words clearly, or else he or she may speak too quickly or too slowly. These are all technical issues a trained coach can help to correct. As an acting coach I'm responsible for working with actors, either on set or in one-to-one tuition sessions, to improve their acting performance. An acting coach is a media industry specialist who works with actors to enable them to develop their skills, either in a career development role, or for a specific shooting/dramatic project.
My role of an acting teacher and an acting coach are distinct  
As an acting coach: A coach will usually work on a one-to-one basis, and may be on a movie set, with the objective of improving the actor’s performance for a given role or circumstance. The acting coach will use a range of techniques in order to lift the performance of an actor or actress, but where the acting teacher will have a “curriculum” of proven techniques which suit the majority, the coach must tailor their approach to the individual under tuition.   
My Job Description:   
1. Audition a student and perform a S.W.O.T. Analysis 
2. Creates a syllabus which suits to a particular student 
3.Teaches acting principles and techniques to individuals and evaluate student's talent. 
4. Adapts course of study and training methods to meet student's need and ability. 
5. Teaches role of acting instrument that is body and mind, power of imagination and observation, enunciation, diction, voice development, and dialects, using body and mind and voice exercises, speech drills, explanation, lectures, and improvisation to name some of the few. 6. Discusses and demonstrates vocal and bodily expression to teach acting styles, script analysis, character development, and personality projection. 7. Writes, produces and directs monologues and show-reels for students for auditions. 
8. Audition practice. 
9. Acting for camera techniques 
10. Ideal portfolio, making 
11. How to market and promote (social media, online and personal) 
12. Rehearses and drills students to ensure they master acting craft. 
13. Life and acting goal setting, how to achieve success and action plan 
14. Many other tasks needed by a student to excel in an acting career  
15. Long term follow up and help     
Skills I possess   
 16. Sympathetic to the actor                 A motivational expert who motivates irrespective of how a student is developing 
17. Have a thorough understanding of the film (or theater) production process     18. An effective man-manager on a one-to-one basis 
19. Flexible, to be able to work with a broad mix of personalities
20.  Have the "know how" to adapt a teaching program to achieve development objectives 
21. Develops a coaching style which puts the actor at ease 
For details on courses, syllabus, duration, fees and venue visit: http://topactingcoach.weebly.com      

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